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Marketing Tools

Marketing is the life of your business, you need to attract customers, convince them to buy and be flexible to match your ideas with the products, brands, distributors and channels. It’s important to have the right tools for your marketing tasks available to your marketing staff.

Product Details

The product page is probably one of the top 3 important pages in your site (together with the homepage and the checkout) and you need to be able to say everything about your products to sell. For some of our clients designing and tweaking the product page never ends, it involves AB testing and countless reviews. This gave us a lot of experience and many tools implemented into Sapiental.

Checkout Process

The checkout page is one of the top 3 important sections of an e-commerce site. It needs to be intuitive, reassuring, easy to use and request as little information as possible while giving as much useful information as possible. Testing and experience allowed us to create some of the quickest and most reassuring checkout processes possible.

Product listing

The category page / listing page is one of the most important pages in a site, it should allow the users to quickly locate the products they want, see promotions, filter the products and compare them, and even order them quickly, only displaying the most relevant information.

Search Engine Optimization

Our philosophy is to build websites with the client in mind but Google in sights. We are always keeping track of the latest SEO practices and implement them in our websites. Even if our focus is the website, we can advise on a SEO strategy.

Customer Accounts

The whole purpose of your business is satisfying the customer’s needs. It is essential to try and have everything made as easy as possible for your clients.

Mobile Commerce

It's very important for your site to be easily accessible from mobile devices, for price checking, impulse purchases. More and more people rely more and more on their mobile devices. Sapiental can have a dedicated mobile template for phones (small screen devices) and redirect the mobile visitors to that.

Content Management

Creating and managing content on an e-commerce site is a very time consuming process. Sapiental does everything technically possible to ease and organize this process. It allows the site admin to add steps, user accounts with limited access and much more.

Customer Service

Sometimes is not that easy to keep all of your customers happy, but it's important to try, so Sapiental has a multitude of tools to help you do just that. Customer service is provided via various forms enabling the user to manage his account keeping him connected to the company and as satisfied as possible.

Order Management

The order process is unique for every website, which is why Sapiental allows for creation of custom steps, locks orders for agents, informs clients by mail or SMS about order status, allows agents to email or SMS clients right from the admin interface and much, much more.

International Support

In today's world it gets easier and easier to sell in different countries, to people speaking different languages, with different needs and wants. Sapiental allows you to create interlinked sites for all these clients and to customize one site for this purpose.

3rd Party Software

Connecting to 3rd party software is vital to streamline the e-commerce processes. There are many systems out there that you might want to connect to, and they are all done differently, our experience connecting to various systems ensures that the development time will be short and all the features will be accessed.

Payment Options

It's important to give customers a secure and simple way to pay for their order. For that Sapiental already has a number of payment interfaces already implemented and our dedicated team can implement any new payment processor you choose to work with easily.

Shipping Options

Logistics is a complex business, the name even implies it. As a shop you might want to integrate with different shipping methods to have great flexibility and be able to get to all of your clients as cheaply and comfortably as possible. Sapiental can integrate multiple shipping methods, activate them depending on destination, price, order contents, etc. And them manage them, get information from the 3rd party systems to the customer, print shipping papers, scan barcodes, etc.

Internal Reports

The administrators need a lot of information to make decisions on day to day operation. And Sapiental has tons of reports that the admins can use to make informed decisions based on accurate data.