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The steps we take to launch your new website.
So you're interested in our product and services and would like to know what's next?

1. First please contact us. We'll get back to you with a few questions.

2. We'll talk for a bit, until we are confident that we understand your needs, your business, process, products and competition.

3. Make a proposal, the proposal will include the features that we think you'll need, estimates for new features, etc.

4. You agree with it, if you do we'll send you a contract.

5. And a 30% downpayment invoice.

6. You get access to the project management app. You'll see everything that we discuss, be able to interact with the designers and programmers, see hours worked, etc.

7. Once everything is settled we start with the design. We will design all of the website, all the views, so you will see what you get. It's much easier to understand how stuff will work from a mockup than from words.

8. We go back and forth with designs and sign off on the final versions.

9. The implementation starts. Again, you'll be able to see what the status is at all times and interact with the developers.

10. Anything you want modified or extra is recorded separately and billed at the end of the project.

11. An import from your current systems is done, we will take as much as possible, products, clients, orders, images, descriptions, filters, reviews, urls, etc. Our goal is to import everything and make the transition flawless for your staff and your clients.

12. An important functionality, design and SEO review is done and fixes are applied.

13. We ask for a review from you and manage anything that you find.

14. We install the site, check everything again and monitor the site for a few days.

15. We manage the site launch reviews, bugs, requests.

16. Everything is done, we're ready to receive new requests via our project management system.